Oh November

Well, it's that crazy month again now. Where they still sell apple cider, and people still have pumpkins on there porches, but then at the same time Starbucks gets out there peppermint frappe, and Christmas everything starts getting advertised. Oh November. 
Also, this is probably going to be my craziest month of the year, since I have a billion and one things going on. And the weather here has been insane lately, one day it's gorgeous and 70, next day it's low 40's. Like what??? At least baking is totally appropriate this month, it's one of the things I can do inside, when it's freezing outside, that will actually be productive. Anyone already starting to listen to Christmas music? I know I am. I can hardly wait for that glorious Christmas season, and It's just around the corner now! Why I can practically smell all those homemade sugar cookies. :)

Had to get this shot before the fall leaves are all gone, which most of them are now. It's not the best, but oh well.

Happy November!


  1. Love this pic Kimee!! Absoutely gorgeous lighting! And yes, I have the Pentatonix Christmas album on repeat pretty much every day:)!

  2. I am listening to Christmas Music Kimee and btw you did amazing on Saturday


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