Are you ready?

This month's challenge is the "Mindfulness Challenge".
Here's the deal.

The objective of this challenge is for you to Stop. And. Think. Take more time each day with things, don't be so rushed. No matter what you're doing or what you're going through, don't be so frantic. I am guilty of this times a million. But I will be partaking in this challenge right along beside you. Especially because this month I have so so much going on. Spring time is for decluttering. So we are going to declutter our minds. Each morning, take say 5 or more minutes and just sit and think. But here's the thing, you can not think about things that are going to stress you out. Don't think about big tasks, or things you have to get done this week. Take this time to think about yourself, who you want to be today, think about something great that's happened to you recently. Or, if you're having a hard time doing that, then just don't think about anything. Look out a window, or go outside.

Okay. That was part 1 of this challenge, now here's part 2.

Be Aware. Be aware of what you are doing. Be in the moment. Be aware of what you're saying to people. Look at your surroundings, observe things. Live for today. Smile more. Move with purpose and worth. Because you have both those things.

Now. The question is...
Do you accept this challenge??



  1. Ooh, this one's gonna be tough! I'm willing to give it a try though. :)

    1. You got this! ;D It was really hard for me too, but so worth it!


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