The past two months challenges have been about bettering yourself and your mind. This beautiful month of May, I feel like it's time to test ourselves. I call it the Trust Challange. This one has only one rule: Whenever anything seems to upset you, unnerve you, freak you out, when something bad happens, even if it's the smallest thing like you drop your coffee cup and it breaks and there's coffee all over the place and you just want to scream and kick something really hard (believe me I've been there wayy to many times) I want you to stop BEFORE you get angry, that's the real ticket here, breath and say "I trust you God." That's all. Say "I trust you God." or if you want it a little more elaborate "I trust you God that the bad things in my life you will use to make me stronger."
But the main thing here is "I Trust You." Do you trust him? Do you know that he is with you every step of the way and that he knows all that you are going through? He uses bad things in our lives to teach us and make us BETTER because he LOVES US.

Now, if your not a Christian and your reading this, don't close the tab. You can still do this challenge. Anytime you feel like your about to blow your top, stop BEFORE you get angry, breath and say "It will make me stronger" because no matter what you believe we all know that the bad things in life will end and they will make us better, in the end, right?

Now the question is
Do you accept my challenge?
I hope you do.



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