No Regrets


This is something that I feel very strongly about. Never regretting anything. Regret doesn't change anything. It doesn't make you feel any better. It doesn't help. I know these are all things you've heard before. But once you put these things into action and every time you feel that regret you think theses things it really helps no matter how cheesy it seems, trust me. I struggle with regrets a lot, I used to struggle more but, with everything I have some regrets. When happy things end I regret that they are over for weeks sometimes months or even years. When bad things happen I think up all the possible scenarios in the world of how it could have been better. What I did wrong. I am a very avid thinker. As I think everyone is, but I am one of those people who thinks about every little thing, and I space out and think about life quite a lot. So I am constantly thinking about things in the past. But remembering that the past is the past and it's never going to change really helps. And the future is fresh and waiting to be made great. I also try to remember that everything happens for a reason and every little thing that happens in my life is mapped out by God before I can even think about it. You have a purpose, and everything that happens in life is planned out and supposed to happen.  

-Kimi <3


  1. We all have regrets, but I firmly believe that so long as we learn from our mistakes, we're heading in the right direction. :)


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