What If You Only Had 2 Weeks to Live?

What if?
The question above where true?
What would that look like? How would you live? What would you do differently?

 I heard someone on a podcast awhile talking about how he knew someone who had been told by their doctor that they only had a few months to live. And it got me thinking, what would that be like for me? For you? What would we do differently if we thought we only had so long to live. I have been in what they like to call a "Slump" recently. I haven't been my normal self, I've been a lot more negative and just unhappy. I haven't been motivated or willing to do anything. But thinking back on this topic broke me free this morning. It caused me to feel nauseous about the way I was acting, especially toward my family. I put things into perspective by asking myself, "If you died next week, would you be happy with your life?" My answer was no. I wouldn't. I wasn't being the person that everything usually sees, I wasn't really sure why, but that's another subject. I wasn't who I wanted to be. This morning I had a revolution, if we all lived like we could be gone next Tuesday, boy would we live differently. But speaking truthfully, I might just die next Tuesday, I do not  know when I am going to die. You do not know when you are going to die. That's just a fact of life. So those things that are on your bucket list. Do them NOW, that person you want to be friends with but you're not sure if they'll like you TALK to them, that job you want to start DO it, that person you want to help HELP them, that hobby you want to start DO it, Wave to people, Laugh, Be truthful, Be funny, Be bold, Smile, DO that thing you're so afraid of doing, PURSUE your Dreams, Text that friend you haven't heard from in awhile, Read that book you want to read, take up water skiing, go on that dream vacation, remodel your bedroom, heck remodel your house, Be Daring, LIVE FOR TODAY because tomorrow, might not be here.

So now i'd like to ask you,
What would you do differently if you only have 2 weeks to live?
What would it be like to live like that?
And finally i'd like to challenge you to



  1. Well, for one thing, I'd find a way to freeze myself in time so that I could wait until the next season of One-Punch Man is out so that I could watch it before I died...

    In all seriousness though, it's a good question, and it is one that I personally don't think of enough. I mean, I could die at any moment. Car crash, random mugging, meteor, flying cow. God tells us to redeem the time, because we don't know what the future holds. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    1. Haha :P
      Very true, I'm glad you liked it. =)


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