It's challenge time!! 

This month I challenge you to be more Generous
both in giving your time and your resources. Help the people around you. When they ask for some of your time, don't search for an excuse (i am so guilty of this). We're all busy, but don't ever get too busy to spend time with people, especially friends and family. Time is a gift, use it wisely, but don't be so afraid to give it out. Think of someone other than yourself, and sacrifice. And who knows maybe they will do the same for you someday when you need it.

 I hereby challenge you to be more generous, especially with your time.

Do you accept?



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  2. Yes I definitely agree. There was a man came to fix my new couch that broke. I am an author and I have published two books. He expressed a lot of interest. I had one book left in a box that I had planned to give to a friend but I felt mean when I thought about giving him a book so I decided to offer it to him. He asked me to sign it (I really felt like a professional then). I can order more books anyway. It was nice to see a person so happy!

    1. That's awesome! Things like that, they seem so small sometimes but they can mean so so much more to someone then we know. Keep it up! :D


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