So, earlier today I was going through some old photo's and video's and I realised something more than ever, so I thought I would share.

Living in the moment is SO important.

Nothing is by accident.
You met that person for a reason. You did that embarrassing thing for a reason. You lost something for a reason. You grew separate ways with someone for a reason. Nothing you do is every on "accident" even though sometimes it seems that way or we make it seem that way. Everything that happens to you in your life has been preplanned by God. It's mind blowing to think about that. All those funny/embarrassing moments I have in my photo gallery I can not get enough of because they make me laugh and smile. At the time, I thought they were the worst thing ever of course. * sigh * Such a drama queen. But everything I have ever done happened to me for a specific reason and purpose. I think I've talked about this subject recently on my blog, but I wanted to approach it from a slightly different angle.

 I found these hilarious photos of me and my friends, but now we don't talk as much as we used to, I mean, were growing up. And I used to have the mindset that it was a bad thing and that maybe it was my fault, and I should try to contact them more, But no, we had our time, our memories, our struggles, our laughs, and those will forever be ours. And no one else's. But we have to accept when we need to go our separate ways. Life moves faster than we want it too sure, but cherish each moment you have to live and strive for something and you won't have any time to look back at things and think, "man I wish I could go back to being that age." or "I wish I could do that thing again." Live for Today. And then you'll be able to look back on this day in the future and go "man I wish I could do that again."

Also, keeping a journal and taking bucket loads of photos is something that is very important to me. It gives me such joy to look back at old memories or laugh at myself when I was in that stage of my life.

Live for today, love the memories, cherish people while you have them, laugh at everything, and always stand up tall.
You Are Loved. <3



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