Be Kind to Everyone

Lately, I've been struggling to find what to write about. The words just haven't seemed to flow.
 I sit in a quiet place, at a table in the library. There is an older lady sitting in a rocking chair near me with her earbuds in staring out at the world. And I can't help but wonder about her. She seems to quiet and simple. But once and awhile she'll look my way with such a look of pleading. So I prayed for her. And it reminded me of something someone once taught me.

Be kind to everyone. You never know what someone might be going through. Even if they aren't nice to you, or they seem like a slut or whatever. You really don't know much about them. Since we're approaching back to school season, I know there can be a lot of bullies or people who just seem to hate everything. Be kindest to them. They are the people who need it most. How you act can truly affect people, words are powerful tools that can be used to build or destroy. You have the potential to make someone's day or break it, even if they are a stranger on the street.

Be kind to everyone, because for them you might be the only one who is.