Don't Compare Your Story to Someone Else's

Our culture has confined us to one chapter of our story. What I mean is, we get so focused on this moment and making it perfect and trying to be like other people who seem like they have it all together we forget that this journey we're on takes time and that we're all going at different paces.
We forget to write our own stories. We forget that we have our own lives. We forget that we can do things and have adventures and go places and change the world. I don't know if anyone else feels me on this but like with social media and youtube and everything it makes it twice as hard to not look at others and sigh at ourselves and our progress.
 I tend to watch other people's videos and their thrilling lives and watch them travel and have the perfect closet and all the right outfits and flawless makeup and hair and I forget that I have my own life, I can do those things in my life if I want to.  I have permission to be original and permission to write my own story and be different and write my life differently from other people and start new trends and new fads. I forgot for so many years that I was writing my own story, I forgot to be adventurous, I forgot to live every day to the fullest potential.
You only have so many chapters. So don't compare your book to someone else's, 
"Don't compare your tenth chapter to someone else's chapter twenty-five"