Ahh October, everyone's favorite month, or well, at least mine. With the autumn spirit coming at us in full force: lattes, sweaters, falling leaves, boots, why not  take the time to make even more out of this month. 
This month I have dedicaated to be my "Self-improvement month" or my "Shape up month"
I've been having some funks receently, and I feel like I havn't really been paying attention to my self, how i'm treating myself, how I respond, how I really feel. So just as I am doing. I want to challange you to take this month into your hands, don't waist it and pay attention. Keep alert. Don't fall sleep. Literaly. *note to self don't take so many naps. Shape up. Be the better you. Don't just settle for "okay" make this month great. Pay attention to yourself and how your feeling. Write down your goals and you thoughts. 

A great way to step back is to start meditating. Now i know a lot of people feel deferently about meditation. But i'm here to tell you that it's not weird or religous or anything like that if you don't want it to be. Just try it. And if you have no idea what your doing (like I did) get a guide app on your phone. (headspace is a great one) there so helpful and I tell you from experience you actualy feel like you have more "headspace" when your done. 

Start journaling. If you don't journal already, what are you doing. Journaling is so benifical for everyone no matter the age or gender. It clears you mind and helps you to sort out your thoughts. Even if you don't have a fancy pretty "journal" it dosn't matter, just use a notebook or composition book. In fact, i feel like it's easier to be more open and realxed when your not using a fancy book that you have to make you hand writing look pretty in. 

Make this your Better month. With whatever it may be. But don't let it slip you by.