Blanket Yourself in Love

The last post I did was about being at peace with yourself. Following along with that same theme I want to invite you to this idea of blanketing yourself in love. Self-love and God's great love for you. Take the time today to sit down and think about what this idea looks like of putting on a "blanket of love". If you've been particularly hard on yourself lately or you've felt stressed or just unhappy take a minute right now to think about love, and what love is. Ask yourself what it is you love about yourself. Do you love your hair? Or your eyes? Do you love what are doing in life? Even if you think the answer to these questions is no, I encourage you to say yes anyways. Is there any reason at all you shouldn't love yourself? No, not at all. Right now in this moment. Say yes. Say it outloud. Say I Love Who I am. 

We are all human and we all are unperfect. But the reason we can love ourselves is because God loved us first. We don't need acceptance from anyone else when we already have it from God. Because of this love we don't have to have a perfect life in order to be loved and to love ourselves. So blanket yourself in that assurance the you are loveable and you are already loved. 

God doesn't care that you don't have the right clothes or the right house or enough money or enough friends. He loves you because of your heart. That's all that matters to him. So take care of your heart. Treat it nicely. Love it. Love you. You are already enough. You have always been enough. And even if you don't believe it now, don't let the world stop you from loving yourself. Break through the barrier. LOVE WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU ARE!

And you are loved. 



  1. You just read my mind. Love is the greatest thing that a human can do. It is divine.


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