Fear Is Natural

Fear is a part of life. It's an emotion we all have and that we can't just get rid of. Most people think of fear as a bad thing, and lets face it it's not exactly something we look forward too. But it's also not as bad as you think. Fear is just part of the process of getting out of your comfort zone, which is almost absolutely a good thing. When we are pursuing things we want, like career's and dreams, we experience fear. It's natural. It has to happen because you are trying something new, and you are human. We have developed a mindset that fear is bad and cowardly, and we must hide it or shut it out. But no matter what you think you do to fear it will come back. So, what if we re-thought fear. And rather than letting it control us, which often happens, what if we took control of it and used to help us.
Let me explain myself.
Say you walk into somewhere new and your about to go do something you've never done before. Whatever the thing is you may be doing, you'll feel fear. Why? Becuase you're stepping out of the only place you think to be safe, the only place you know, you're comfort zone. Even if it's the greatest thing ever, you'll still feel fear, even if it's just in the back of your mind whispering little things that might go wrong.
But let me tell you something, Fear is not a road block, we've only trained ourselves to think it is. Analyze the situation and once proved not to be harmful, fear should be the very thing that propels us into things. I feel afraid, okay that means "all systems go!". This concept will, I guaranty, take a long time to instill in us because we'll all been taught that if you're afraid, you should stop. That fear isn't good. That is shouldn't be there. But that's like saying that you should never feel happiness. It's ridiculous. Fear is nothing more than another emotion. So when you walk into a new experience. Use the fear that you feel to propel you. When you feel like turning back use the energy of your emotions to make yourself move even further forward. Don't be afraid of fear, let it be your motivation and go chase your dreams.

Smile, it will be okay. 



  1. "Don't be afraid of fear." A great reminder. Thanks so much!

    1. Your welcome! Thank you for reading! <3 Have a beautiful day!

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  3. That is so inspiring, I definitely needed this, because I fear too much. Thank you, Kimi, have a great day.

  4. I understand where you are coming from... but fear is neither natural or something that we can't get rid of.
    God, He is everything that involves love, and by no means is fear love.
    Fear is evil, to put it rather bluntly. Fear is something that the devil uses against us, but, it is something through God that we can escape.


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