Not Changed, Just Better

This past weekend I was able to attend an amazing convention where I learned so much more about myself. I came back home a better person. I felt recharged and amazing. I called myself "a changed person" but as the words came out of my mouth I realized, I wasn't "a changed person" from this weekend, I was just a better person from this weekend. A better version of me. I was still me, just better. I wasn't "someone new" or "changed" as we sometimes say when something happens to us that causes us to change the ways we think. I was still me. I will always be me. You will always be you. We're just improving, we're learning how to be the best version of ourselves. We're better. And we shouldn't try to be "someone new", "a different person" because, from my experience at least, it doesn't work. We can tell ourselves over and over that we are a "new person", and we can change the way we live but that doesn't change your soul or your brain or your heart. You are still you. You still have your body and your mind and that is never going to change. So the sooner you embrace all of who you are, the easier it will be to continue to improve who you are by bettering yourself. I like to call it Continuing to Better. Continuing to better things, to a better life, to better thoughts, to better relationships, to a better spirit. Embrace yourself for all that you are, the good and the bad. And know that you are beautiful. So beautiful. And continue to better yourself. Don't neglect yourself by forgetting to improve. You can always grow. Just don't forget to love yourself for where you are at right now.

Better yourself, don't change, you're already good enough. But you have so much more potential than you realize. 



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