And the Birds will still Sing

And the birds will still be singing. I think that is a beautiful phrase. Whatever happens, the birds will be singing tomorrow morning. I have a lovely little bird feeder outside my window and every morning I wake to the birds chattering on and on. It gives me hope, to hear the singing. I know that whatever happened the day before, the birds have moved on and so should I.

Life goes on, we all know this. We all know we shouldn't wait around hoping things will get better. We shouldn't live in the regrets and thoughts of the past. Life moves more quickly than we realize, and often more quickly than we would like. So don't get stuck behind it. Chase it. Keep walking forward. Even if you look back once or twice, just keeping going forward. Don't waste a moment. Don't sit in the middle of the road of life and think about all the things you could have done better. There's no use trying to go back now, those moments are over and done. Life keeps moving, and so should you. There is a time for morning, and a time for tears, but when your eyes are dry, that's it. You should never let that thing make you cry again. Today is a new day, tomorrow is a fresh start, and the birds will be singing no matter what happens. 


  1. A very encouraging reminder not to let life drag you down but to keep singing. Thanks for this!


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