Everything You Need To Be Happy Is Inside You

Let's face it, at the end of the day, all you have is yourself. Yes, family is important, relationships are important, but at the end of the day, it's all you baby. Are you going to be happy? Or are you going to let people around you decide that for you? You are the person with the most power in your life. It's your choice to be happy. The things around you, the people around you don't get to decide who you are and what makes you happy or what makes your life good. You decide how you react to your circumstances. It's up to you. Your emotions don't have to be controlled by the things that happen to you. It's only when you react to the circumstances that they have power over your emotions. If you rely on your inner-self to be happy and not your circumstances, they won't have power over you. Stop thinking there's something wrong with you or that you are missing something. There's nothing wrong with you, and you are not missing anything. You already have everything you need to be happy, it's inside of you. 

STOP WAITING TO BE HAPPY. Stop waiting for a new house to be happy, a better career, a relationship. Stop waiting for people's approval to make you happy. There's nothing wrong with being single, there's nothing wrong with liking the hobbies that you like, there's nothing wrong with what how much you weight, there's nothing wrong with wearing the clothes you want to wear. There's nothing wrong with being yourself.

You can be happy right now, today. You can and you deserve to be.

1. Let yourself feel but don't let people tell you how to feel.
    You should have emotions, it's only natural. But you shouldn't let anybody else tell you what you           think or feel, only you can decide that for yourself.

2. Tell yourself you are happy.
    You know the saying, fake it till you make it, well it's true. Give yourself those positive                          affirmations, that you are happy, you have a good life, you are a good person, whenever you start           to sink, however cheesy they may be.

3. Make choices for your own happiness.
    It's okay to be a little selfish sometimes, you have to be in order to keep yourself healthy. How can        you be expected to make people around you happy and feel good if you yourself are not happy              and don't feel good?.

Don't forget who you are. You are important. YOU MATTER. And you deserve to be happy about it.