To me, being thankful isn't just verbal. Posting on social media, telling people, those are nice things but we tend to only do them when the reminder on our calenders comes around again. Thanksgiving. That's today. The end of the year is already so close upon us. Time flies.

When I think of thankfulness I think of living thoughtfully. Not just once a year and not superficially. Thankfulness is about living with harmony among the things around you and living with consciousness of what you have and what you're blessed with. Being at peace with life. Living in the moment. Thankful for every breath you get to take and everything you get to experience. Engaging with life and living with all that you have. Thankfulness to me is taking what life has given you and making the absolute most out of it. Not taking things for granted or letting things slip by you.

So be with wonderful family and friends today, enjoy your guilty delicious eating pleasures, and embrace what your wonderful life has to offer you.
 Because life is just that, truly wonderful.