You Are Who You Are

You are your own person. 

Don't let anyone shame you for how you feel, how you look, what you think, how you are. Everyone is there own person. Some like to be alone, some need constant connection. Don't let people walk over you. You are worth notice. You are worth listening too. Even if you don't believe that inside yourself, you are enough. Your thoughts are worthy, you have ideas. Don't let people shove things down your throat when they don't like your thoughts. You don't need validation from them. You are your own validation. So believe in your thoughts, in your strengths, in your ideas, in yourself. Accept change when it happens, and listen to people who have wisdom to offer because you don't always know everything but you don't have to accept someone's advice just because you listened to it either. You are your own ideas. Be your own thoughts. Be your own snowflake in midst of the flurry, and don't be swept away by anyone else's pattern. 

You're not always going to agree with the people around you, but that doesn't' mean you give up on them. Compromise. Don't isolate yourself. Trust me I learned that the hard way. Make your mistakes, but don't make them alone. Let people in. If they don't accept you that's when you need to move on but even if they accept you they won't always agree with you and that's okay. But they shouldn't sway you. You can change you're thoughts and ideals but don't let someone else change them for you.

Don't be afriad to live your own life.