Do Something

Finding yourself with an overflowing to-do list and no willpower to do it?

Do something.

I learned something incredibly powerful that I want to share with you. It's called the Do Something Principle. This principle was created by the amazing Mark Manson. It suggests that when we feel unmotivated, un-inspired in our lives that in order for us to become motivated we must do something. See we've fallen under the mindset that we need the inspiration in order to get anything done. We've become needy on 'inspiration'. We feed off it. We have to be inspired to make a change. The do something principle suggests in fact that we can't get inspired until we actually do something and that in turn gives us the inspiration we are searching for. We must have action before we can be motivated to do more action.

So instead of

Inspiration = Action

really it's

Action = Inspiration

Once we just buck up and do whatever it is that we have to do we will then feel the motivation that we are longing for and be able to do even more things. Even if we just do one thing, something small and simple. That thing will inspire us to do something else, maybe something a bit bigger. Soon we're crushing it and getting so much more done than we thought we could.

So do something. Stop overthinking it and do it. Don't sit there, even if that thing seems pointless at the time it will give you the inspiration you seek. Do something, anything, just Do Something.


  1. True! This sounds the same as when you're sad, you should fake smiling, and it would make you feel better too. This is because we often forget that we control our mind and not the other way round. So, when we show our mind who the real boss is, it has to follow your commands ;)

    1. Absolutely! We have control over our thoughts, actions, and emotions. Thank you for the comment!

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  3. Nice work!
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