We All Have a Story

Every single person you see, you meet, has their own life. Their own story. Their own worries. Their own pleasures. Their own interests. Their own personal style. Their own family issues. Their own money problems. Their own mental health. Every single person. Can you imagine how many people you see in one day? Even just at the grocery store. Every person you walk past at the grocery store has there own story. It's incredible. We are all so deeply individual and unique yet so similar at the same time. We all have problems and things we have to go through. We all have stories to tell.

The world is much bigger than we remember. Our bodies are so much more complicated than we could imagine. Our hearts are all so different. Yet that's what brings us together and makes us the same. We are all humans. We all have emotions. We all have hands, and hearts and minds. It's how we use them that makes us different.

 You and I, we really aren't so different. 

I believe in the good of humanity. I believe that people are really good on the inside, even if that good gets corrupted we can always find it again. If we don't have faith in the world and that things will really all be okay what are we doing? What's the point? We have to have hope for the world. You have to know that you will be okay. We will be okay--if we stand together and realize that we are all one. We are all the same, yet the fact that we are so beautifully different at the same time-- that's what makes life worth living. 

Similarities are what connect people. Ever since we were little we connected and be-friend people who we had things in common with. People who shared our interest, people we were in the same class with. People who share the same faith. People who loved the same tv shows. Even the simplest things connect us. If we don't share who we are we won't be able to connect. Share your story. Let people know what you've done and who you are. Find your place and find what you can bring to the table and then you will be fulfilled. 

smile, it will be okay ❤︎


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