Better Days Will Come

Not every day is going to be your day. Not every weekend is going to be fun. Not every night out is going to be perfect. Not every relationship is going to work out and that is okay. You're allowed to have off days, you're allowed to be completely out of it, you're allowed to make stupid impulsive decisions that you'll regret later, it's what makes us human. It's part of the process of life.

 If every day were perfect we wouldn't have any appreciation for them. Instead, when some days suck and then the next day is better we are so thankful for that better day. For the sunlight. For the encouragement. Sometimes we're so deep into bad days it seems like good ones are never going to come to us, but then when that good day/week finally does make it, and it will trust me, we are so grateful for it. So much more grateful than we would be if we hadn't had those bad days first.

Bad is necessary if we want good. That's just how the world works. Nothing can be good all the time, but nothing can be bad all the time either. The good will come and when it does, don't forget to appreciate it so that when more bad comes again, as it always does, you know you'll get to the good on the other side.

If you're in good right now, don't forget that there is someone else around you that is in the bad right now. Don't forget that you can be an encouragement to them. Don't rub you're good in their faces but remind them that they will make it out of whatever it is they are enduring. Then the next time you're in bad maybe they can be there for you, and remind you that good does come.

Accept the off days. Accept the days where it seems like you can't do anything right and know that having those days doesn't make you stupid or unworthy, it merely means you're human. And being human is a good thing, a really good thing.