There's a Reason for Everything

It's hits me once and awhile, and i cherish these moments, why something happpened to me and what i learned from it. I realizse why i went through something, or why i did something even when i had no idea at the time why i should do that. I love it when my memorises come back to me. Something i haven't thought of since it happened and i didn't even know i had that memory.
 That's how i know everything happens for a reason, and that's how i can believe that. Becuase i know that someday in my future i will realize why today happened. I will discover the reason for today even though i might not see it right now. I will remember the choices i made today and learn from them and learn why i chose them, and ultimately learn more about myself. 

There is a reason for whatever it is that is in your life right now. You might be doing really well and so many things are good and like they're falling into place, or you might feel like everything is falling apart and like life is useless. I promise you when you look back on life, it will hit you why things happened. As cheesy as it may somethings seem, everything does happen for a reason, otherwise what's the point? And if there's no point, we wouldn't be here. There is a point. There is a reason for you're exsitence. There is a bigger picture. And the things you do now will effect your future and effect who you are as a person in the future. Please believe that. 

You Have Purpose. 


  1. Very true... one day in life we shall all look back and know why things happened and why we met people... You're blogs are really inspiring I must say.


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