You Have Been Given to, so Give

Don't look out just for yourself, but look out for others too. People are people, and they're human too. They work hard too, they need money too, they had a bad day too. We could take more time to love, the fact is we just don't. We are too consumed with our own life we neglect to look around and see all the lives around us that we are impacting. We could all make time to be kinder. We should all make time to be kinder.

Spread the love.

You are given, so give. You have been blessed, so in return be a blessing. Let us take care of each other and together take care of the world.

Choose the opportunity. Opportunity will always find you but it's up to you to choose to use the opportunities in front of you. It's up to you to make the decision. Nothing will happen unless you act. Nothing will be made better if you sit there and do nothing. Make an impact. Be an impactful person. It's up to you what kind of life you live and what kind of footprint you leave. Choose to let your presence in the world be a positive one.

You can be broke and be happy if you gave your money for a good cause. You can be exhausted and happy if you used all your energy to better life and the lives of others around you. You can be in terrible circumstances and be happy if you make the best of your time and be kind. Karma is real.
 If you are kind you will be given kindness in return.
 If you give you will be given to.
 You will be loved if you love and if you are loved, love in return.
                                       Share the light.
 Share goodness and you will create around you a good life.