Fighting Anxiety

We've all experienced anxiety one way or another, some of us, experience it more severely than others.

Over the past two years battling anxiety and panic attacks have become custom for me. I have learned what makes me easily anxious and ways to fight it when it comes out of nowhere. Anxiety is a tricky thing and it's different for everyone but its also somewhat the same for all of us. I understand other people with anxiety, I get the struggle, so I want to share what I've learned over the past year about battling anxiety and not letting it take ownership over me.

1. Don't give it the power.
Anxiety is overwhelming sometimes, I get it, trust me. It feels uncontrollable and unreasonable, yes, but just because it can make you feel that way doesn't mean it needs to make you feel that way. You are in control. Don't give aniexty the power to control you're feelings and actions, it doesn't own you.

2. Find your peace.
For me, I have a list of things I can do/people I can talk or listen to that I know give me peace and help calm my anxiety. I can call my best friend, who I've been so blessed with, she is such a comfort for me. Listening to music really calms me and helps tune my focus. Journaling is huge, writing away my anxious thoughts, getting everything I'm thinking and feeling written down and cleared out of my head. Also, for me, prayer is really helpful and has on multiple occasions given me complete peace in the middle of a full-on panic attack. Giving my anxiety to God and letting him fill me and my mind with peace instead. So find your peace, find things that you can do that give you focus and help get you out of your own anxious head and thoughts.

3. Ask for help.
We are not supposed to do everything on our own. We need help sometimes. Especially when you're battling something like mental health, please don't try to go it alone because you don't need to and frankly it is so so much harder. Talking to friends and family, going to therapy, asking for advice, letting people know when you are anxious in a situation even though that can also be scary letting people in to how you are feeling, that can be hard, but if you do then they can better help you in that anxious situation and better understand how you act and feel. I use this app on my phone called Wysa which is like seeing a therapist over text, there is a robot that can help you with negative or anxious thoughts and reframing them into positive ones. It asks you about your day and you can talk to it like a real person. There is also a premium function where you can have an actual live coach talk to you and help you. It's been really helpful in keeping me in a positive mindset throughout my day and it also just gives me someone/something to talk to about how I'm doing whenever I need.

5. Push through.
Mental health is a battle. You have to be present and fighting in order to win. You have to stand up for yourself and fight the negative thoughts in your head. You have to show up for yourself and push yourself to do the things that you're anxious about. I often get anxious in the car driving to wherever it is I am going. When I get to the place I have to just make myself get out of the car. Just open the door Kimi, step out of the car, start walking one foot in front of the other. Don't overthink, just get out of the car. Giving myself that push has gotten me to show up for myself to the places I want to go. Even though I'm anxious I'm not going to give up on myself by sitting in the parking lot and not going inside. I am going to go, I am going to fight, even through my anxiety. My anxiety does not make me weak, sometimes it makes me confused and frustrated but it will never and I will never allow it to make me weak. Every time I push through it I become stronger. My anxiety has made me realize just how strong I actually am and how capable I am, and I am grateful for that.

If you are battling anxiety or any mental health disorder, please know you are not alone and that you can keep going, keep fighting, keep surviving and keep winning those battles with your mind. You are strong and you have so much more power than you give yourself credit. You are in control of your mind and your thoughts. Keep fighting, you are strong, capable and able, remember that.

"The best way out is always through." 
-Robert Frost


  1. WOW. This is so good!! Amen to what you said...a lot of times we forget that NOTHING has power over us unless we LET it have power over us, because of the power in Jesus' name and the victory we have in Him!! We are MORE than conquerors, and at the name of Jesus, Satan MUST flee. I've struggled with some anxiety before and i also have a close friend who is right now, so this really helped me understand it more ;) thank you so much!! i look forward to your next post <3


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