a walk down the street - clearing your head

it's the start of summer.
 the streets are lined with green and pops of colored flowers.
the air is fresh and the atmosphere is warmer. summer brings peace.
warm summer rain.
it brings rest, restoration, and re-growth.

get out of your own space. get out of your own head. go for a walk and see what you find. there is treasure in nature. there is happiness in creation.
 so when you're down, get outside. 
take deep inhales and exhales.

find a reason to smile, even if it's simply a beautiful flower, that's a reason to be grateful. grateful that you got to experience the beauty and daintiness of that one flower, maybe that one flower was growing just for you to see it and it will be gone tomorrow. 

look for the good in life.

 don't forget how big the world outside is and how great life can really be. appreciate those little things. look for the small quiet moments like these photos captured for me. the quiet rest of the raindrops after they fall and the soft breeze through the grass. 
find beauty.
 it is out there and it's waiting for you.