rain for your monday thoughts

summer rain. 
thinking weather.
the rain is like a blanket of calm. telling us all to slow down and spend a little quiet time indoors and under covers. not always do we have the luxury to do so, but today i am blessed to say i do. 
taking the day to sit and listen.

letting the hours slip away with the raindrops that are rolling down my window. 
letting today be exactly what it is.
not trying to twist or alter or change, but going with the flow.
the flow of rain. changing outdoor plans to indoor. relaxed stretching instead of going on that bike ride. realizing that life never really goes how i would like it and actually that is totally ok. 

not complaining has been something i've been working on. not feeling sorry for myself. 
accepting, and moving on. not necessarily settling or giving up just saying ok and moving forward. 
things always happen in life that are out of our control but i was reminded of this saying the other day, 
"your life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it"
90% is a lot
and that's all in your hands.
so rest today, and be recovered for tomorrow. take care of yourself when you get beaten down, but come back even stronger tomorrow. 

your life is up to you 
if you want to relax? you can
if you want to grind? you can 
choose your life, don't let it take over you

accept what life gives you, and make the most out of it 

ah well, there are some thoughts for your day