sunset photography & thoughts

a gorgeous sunset down by the lake 

coming back to my roots lately. 

dyed my hair back to it's natural brown after going a variety of blonde. coming back to photography, my first artistic love besides music. been writing music lately. it feels good. it feels good to go back to what you came from sometimes, it feels good to look back on things. things that seemed so hard at the time but now you are so much more capable. remembering old ways you used to feel and think. it's got me grateful. truly so grateful for the life i'm living now. younger me is so proud. i'm not perfect, and i'm not where i want to be yet but i've made so much progress in the last few years and it's inspiring to look back on where i was and looking now, today, at where i am. 

stand in the light of who you are, 
both yesterday and today,
and always