reflection - embracing your own journey

As we all know, 2020 has taken us by surprise. The things we thought we would get to do are gone. The experiences we wanted to have are missing. We are missing our schools, our friends and family, and our regular lives. Yet, it's in these times we have to remember that it is the rain that makes the flowers grow and trials are what bring blessing. I don't say that to sugar coat anything but merely to bring hope. Whatever your experiences have been like this year, I hope you've grown thus far.

I think I always become more reflective around this time of year because most of the big, life-changing experiences I've had have been in the spring, things coming to a close, and the prospect of summer on the horizon. Whether it be concerts, graduation, etc. Just as we transition to a new year in January I feel that we will all transition to a new sort of life after quartine.

As I finish my first year of college this week I am feeling very reflective and very grateful. When I was in middle school and even early high school, I seriously doubted I would go to college. Whether I just thought I wouldn't make it or I wouldn't get in, I suppose it was a combination of things. It wasn't until the end of my senior year of high school that I realized I could actually do this. And it was something I was determined to do, despite fear. Starting at community college was not ideal for me, of course I would have preferred to go straight to a big university as most people do but I feel that it was an important part of my journey. My journey. Not anybody else's. I have to remind myself that my journey doesn't have to look like anyone else's to be valuable.

There are so many times I catch myself, purely because I am human, wanting to be someone else or wishing to have someone else's life. And I think we have all been there. But being honest about how we feel is the first step in overcoming those feelings. Recognize that your life is imperfect but that it is beautiful too. And no matter how you feel or how you see yourself, there are people who admire you and only wish they had your life too.

So as I sit here getting ready to take on my next chapter, I want to remind future me and anyone else reading this that where you are right now is an important part of who you are going to become and where you are going to go. And you're doing just fine.