Why I'm not Enough

I realized something today. All I've ever wanted in life, I thought, was just to be good enough and to have people tell me that I was. And I've had more of that than ever in my life and yet I'm the most stagnant, demotivated, and un-passionate I've ever been in my life. Everything I thought I ever wanted is what was making me completely lose sight of everything I've been working towards and my desire for life. So here's the thing I realized. I'm not enough isn't a bad thing. It's a jumping-off point. A growth position. I'm not enough means I have somewhere to go and a purpose for my passion. 

Let me explain it to you in this way, if we are never pushing ourselves towards excellence we will accept the status of mediocre we are living in and become docile. Here's where it's so very easy for us to lose sight of the point of life, become depressed, un-inspired, and indecisive about our lives and career, or even worse give up on our lives and the people in them entirely. Now, hear me when I say I am the captain of the positivity, we're all beautiful, you are good enough, bandwagon but what I'm trying to get across is our inadequacy can only be met with one thing. Jesus Christ. It's through Jesus that we find "enough". We are complete and our purpose is fulfilled. It's in Him we have life and being and excellence and glory and courage and passion. He is what makes us good enough! It says it in Romans 3:23, a well-known verse, "for all have fallen short of the glory of God...", and of course this means that we didn't meet God's perfection and "good enough" status but that because of that He sent Jesus into the world to die for us so that we would be made good enough and acceptable and honorable in His eyes! Every day we have to remember why we so desperately need Jesus, because we aren't good enough! And for me, I have to start living my life with this as the constant reminder. That I don't put myself down because of this but I humbly remember that I need my savior! And I need to keep striving and pursuing Him and excellence in the things I do so that I can be more like Him! And my friend, I encourage this for your life too. Spark fire in your life and spirit again by realizing you have so much farther to go and you are so not good enough! It sounds so counter-culture but take it in the best way possible by relying on Jesus and working to achieve your very best in your race while keeping in mind that your best is not how someone else's success looks but it is through your own personal journey of dedication and excellence. 

So to inspire my passion again, ignite my fire for change and for work and dedication, I remember I'm not enough while simultaneously, I cling to the thing that makes me enough, Jesus. 

God bless,